Bright Phuket Progress Report (Update 10th April 2024)

We’re excited to update you on the latest progress at Bright Phuket. Here’s a detailed overview as of April 10th, 2024:

Structural Work (70%): Our structural endeavors have reached an impressive 70% completion, laying a solid foundation for the realization of our vision.

System Work:

  • Electrical (70%): The intricate electrical framework is now 70% installed, ensuring a seamless power supply throughout the premises.
  • Air Conditioning (50%): Our efforts to install advanced air conditioning systems are halfway through, promising optimal comfort for our future residents.
  • Fire System (100%): Safety remains our top priority. We’re proud to announce the successful installation of our comprehensive fire safety system, ensuring the utmost security for all occupants.
  • Plumbing Work (80%): Plumbing work is progressing smoothly, with 80% of the system in place, facilitating efficient water distribution throughout the condominium.

Architecture Work:

  • Aluminum & Glass (50%): The distinctive architectural elements, including aluminum and glass fixtures, have reached the halfway mark, adding a touch of elegance to our structure.
  • Building Assembly (70%): The assembly of our building components has advanced significantly, now standing at an impressive 70% completion.

Exterior Work (75%): Our exterior enhancements are well underway, with 75% of the exterior features taking shape, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of Bright Phuket.

Total Project Progress (70%): As a collective effort, we’ve achieved a commendable 70% progress overall, bringing us closer to our goal of delivering a world-class living experience at Bright Phuket.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to strive for excellence in every aspect of our development journey. Your dream coastal living experience is steadily becoming a reality at Bright Phuket!